Silver Palm Leaf

The original credit card pipe, Silver Palm Leaf has been offering the smoothest smoke around for over 30 years. 

About Us

Designed in 1987, the Silver Palm Leaf quickly established itself as one of the finest pipes in the world. The innovative credit card design allowed smokers to be more discreet whilst always being prepared. Our early customers were also taken by the portability of the pipe, as well as its rugged steel design which made it significantly more durable than other pipes available at the time.

Why Silver Palm Leaf?

We’ve been doing this for 30 years but we’re not going to rest on our laurels. The Silver Palm Leaf Credit Card Pipe is the original and the best for these reasons:

The Smoothest Smoke

As the smoke travels through the 30cm channel, the pollutants condense on the removable steel backplate; leaving you with the smoothest smoke around.

The Discreet Design

Bring your pipe with you wherever you go. It's pocket-sized and discreet.

The Hardiest Materials

Most of our customers have only ever had one pipe, that's all they'll ever need! Built from hand-milled stainless steel, this pipe is ready for any adventure.

"I've been using my pipe for 9 years now and it's rugged as hell. I'm only shopping here to get some new gauzes but even they last a long time if you treat them right!"
Alene Elvine
Massive Pot Head
“This is the best pipe for so many reasons, it's discreet, easy to use and gives the smoothest smoke you'll find anywhere."
Marie White
Tech Billionaire and Burning Man Enthusiast

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