Silver Palm Leaf

The original credit card pipe, Silver Palm Leaf has provided the smoothest smoke around for 30 years


Designed in 1993, the Silver Palm Leaf quickly established itself as one of the finest pipes in the world. The innovative credit card pipe design allows smokers to be discreet whilst always being prepared and its rugged steel design makes it almost indestructible. The Silver Palm Leaf is an iconic design and now sits proudly in the V&A’s permanent collection.

Benefits of the Pipe

The Silver Palm Leaf has been the original and best Credit Card Pipe for 30 years. The genius of the pipe lies in its simplicity. The pipe has many benefits over other methods of smoking: it contains ingenious engineering to provide the smoothest smoke, is shaped to be as discreet as possible and is built to be practically indestructible. The SPLeaf is ready whenever, wherever you are.

The Smoothest Smoke

As the smoke travels through the 32cm channel, the pollutants condense on the removable steel backplate; leaving you with the smoothest smoke around.

The Discreet Design

Bring your credit card pipe with you wherever you go. It's pocket-sized and discreet.

The Hardiest Materials

Most of our customers have only ever had one pipe, that's all they'll ever need! Built from hand-milled stainless steel, this pipe is ready for any adventure.

"I've been using my spleaf credit card pipe for 9 years now and it's rugged as hell. I'm only shopping here to get some new gauzes but even they last a long time if you treat them right!"
Alene Elvine
Colorado, USA
“This is the best pipe for so many reasons, it's discreet, easy to use and gives the smoothest smoke you'll find anywhere."
Marlon Coolridge
London, UK

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