About the Silver Palm Leaf

Our Heritage

The History of the SPLeaf

Inspired by the second summer of love the Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe was designed by a corporate drop out in his late 20’s.

Thatcher was history, hope on the horizon. The UK was raving every weekend in secret venues, Ebeneezer Goode was good very good. . . . and very, very naughty.

Silver Palm Leaf was born of a time when the only pipes designed for smoking small quantities of “combustibles” were tiny little wooden things made in India and sold at your local market for a pound. The Man thought the only people that smoked were Dropouts, Hippies and New Age Travellers. The Man was wrong.

Premium Quality for the average Jo(e)

The Silver Palm Leaf was the first alternative pipe developed for the average Jo(e) in the street. It was beautifully designed, manufactured to the highest standards and sexily packaged to appeal to people who didn’t just want £1 wooden pipe. This was a pipe to aspire to, to be seen with. 

Built For Life

Unlike our current World order of the shiny and new, the Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe harks back to an era of “built for life”. A life-tool to be with you on all your travels, developing a patina unique to you along the way. An heirloom to be passed on to the next generation, the gold pocket watch of the new millennium if you will.

SPLeaf has won design awards

Whilst The Man was passing ill-conceived anti-partying legislation through the Criminal Justice Act 1994. The Man’s best mates were buying the Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe through outlets as diverse as Herman and the Hippy and The Conran Shop. Smoking “stuff” had become mainstream.  In 1994 the Silver Palm Leaf was exhibited at The Design Museum and in 1995 at the V & A where it’s still part of it’s permanent collection.

Familiar Faces Have Used the SPLeaf

Cultural icons were seen wearing the Silver Palm Leaf out and about. Numerous artists, authors, musicians and poets were massive fans. Bands such as Jamiraquai, Zion Train and music label Mute Records even had personalised credit card pipes made for promotional purposes.

Every Pipe is Unique

Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe was designed and manufactured in the UK. Made from 18/8 austenitic stainless steel using the ancient lost wax process. A wax facsimile of each credit card pipe created by injecting wax into a tool. This is then coated in a ceramic “slip” and left to dry. The wax is then melted out of the shell and molten steel poured in it’s place. This process means that each Silver Palm Leaf credit card pipe is completely unique.  Each one in a World of it’s own.