Original Silver Palm Leaf Credit Card Pipe

(10 customer reviews)


  • Smoothest smoke around
  • Easy-clean
  • Award-winning design
  • Matte stainless steel finish
  • Comes with a free extra set of gauzes


Original and best since 1993, the Silver Palm Leaf is the world’s first pipeless pipe. The pipe can be used to smoke marijuana, tobacco, and many other commonly-smoked substances. The pipe design does away with the need for papers and filters and allows you to enjoy smoking pure product, without the need to mix with e.g. tobacco.


The patented design ensures the smoothest toke, every time. The milled channel is a punchy 32cm long, this means the smoke comes into contact with a large metal surface area. The metal is cool and condenses the heavier elements, leaving just the smoothest smoke. 


We use the highest quality stainless steel so the pipe lasts a lifetime. It  is close to unbreakable and totally waterproof, which comes in handy when camping, surfing etc. The Silver Palm Leaf is ready whenever, wherever you find yourself. 


The innocuous credit card design makes this pipe extremely discreet, even when on full display. The pipe is ultra thin so easily fits in your pocket.


Width: 50mm

Length: 78mm

Depth: 5mm

Cleaning instructions:

As the metal cools the smoke, the heavier parts condense in the channels and on the metal backplate. The backplate, which is securely held in place by magnets, is simple to detach (and reattach). In the channel and on the backplate, you will see a sticky substance. For best results, we recommend soaking the parts in hot milk for 15 minutes and then rinsing with hot water and then your SPLeaf will be good as new. As for the milk, many of our customers swear by drinking it before bed.

The gauze will naturally get clogged with use, replacement gauzes can be found here


10 reviews for Original Silver Palm Leaf Credit Card Pipe

  1. Alec Moss

    I bought one of these pipes when they first came out, around 30 years ago. It is still in absolutely perfect condition, as good as the day it was cast. It truly is a product that will outlast generations. There’s something very special about holding something of this exquisite quality in your palm.

  2. Alan Stephen

    It doesn’t give a huge draw, but a satisfying efficient cool toke. Beautiful wee idea and pipe, feels sophisticated and discreet. Would like to see graphics on the front available there was a beautiful run of collectors editions in the late 90s.

  3. DJ faceplant

    I’ve had my pipe since the mid 90s and it is still just as good as the day I bought it. Easy to use, easy to clean. As a pipe, I cannot recommend a better one for just its accessibility and convenience. This original design was always the best and is utterly classic.

  4. Jesse

    One of the first pipes I ever got. 15 years later I still use it regularly. It fits perfectly in an Altoids tin with a light bee, extra screens, and a hollowed out chapstick filled with flower. This kit has joined me on countless experiences. Everyone is blown away when I pull it out. If I ever lost it, I’d buy another the next day.

  5. Anton (verified owner)

    I’ll admit, I was disappointed with the first bowl. It felt as if I was drawing air. I thought “What a leaky POS”. When I loaded it again, I figured it out, I’m not drawing air, the smoke is cooled and really smooth.
    A real pleasant smoke.

    Thank you!

  6. Gary Mitchell Jr

    I got mine when it was first released. Yes, I’ve had this pipe for almost 30 years! I’m hitting it right now in Colorado. It works like it did when I got it. I plan on handing it down to my son one day. but not to soon 😃

  7. Sven

    I got my spleaf in 1997!!! I love it so much I gave one to my friend. Now they live me too! You can’t beat the quality, smoothness and design. Order 2 you won’t regret it!!!!

  8. Taz (verified owner)

    Have also had one for 30 years… best way to do it, easy to clean. Great design, one of my tools that will be about for a long time.
    Absolutely recommend it.

  9. George

    Got this as a present for my 21st birthday in 1995 and it’s still the smoothest smoke I’ve had. Small, easily cleaned and easily concealed. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  10. Gary Mitchell Jr

    I have owned this pipe since 1994. still the best pipe I’ve ever had. So easy to use and clean. and it has lasted for almost 30 years!

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